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ECOmonkey is the link between enterprises that accumulate, break down and reconstitute waste, and the people and enterprises that produce waste.

Our Vision

ECOmonkey is committed to assisting with cleaning up our environment through the establishment of an environmentally friendly recycling collection management business within all areas and regions across South Africa. We are driven to promote an owner driven collection service with BEE development.
ECOmonkey footprint will be a national solution.

Our Mission

To provide an ECO Friendly recycling service.
To create employment for the under privileged and disadvantaged.
To uplift the community through education and interaction.
To make a difference.
To find ECO Friendly products to suit your needs.

Our Service

We offer a recycling collection service.

We collect, and deliver the materials to various, community recycling projects we support, the materials are sorted and the income goes directly to the community members involved.

This service is offered to individual households, flats, townhouse complexes, cluster complexes, estates, office complexes, industrial companies, restaurants and shopping centres ensuring that recyclables are processed correctly and do not end up on unsightly, dirty and negatively impacting land fill sites.


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Despite the fact that the Environmental Services Industry (which includes recycling) has no industry transformation charter, ECOmonkey is determined to position itself as a BEE service provider par excellence. Therefore, ECOmonkey measures its transformation as a company against the requirements for empowerment set out in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 2003, and the Codes of Good Practice on broad-based black economic empowerment.

1.  Management Equity

The terms of employment of all employees will include the right to belong to the ECOmonkey Employee Participation Forum (EPF). The EPF represents the interests of the employees in terms of employee hygiene, training and development. The EPF is mandated to bring to Management the concerns, proposals and requests of the employees of ECOmonkey.  The EPF will constitute 25%+1 vote of the voting rights of the enterprise.

2. Employment Equity

ECOmonkey aims to employ mainly black women and 80% of its employees are black. Part of its employee base consists of owner-drivers of waste removal trucks. The Employee Ownership Scheme of ECOmonkey entails that the trucks used by the enterprise are owned by their drivers.  

3, Enterprise Development

The owner-drivers of the waste removal trucks used by ECOmonkey are trained and assisted by ECOmonkey to manage their SMME enterprises.  The company's policy is to source staff from community-based organizations (CBOs) or NGOs.

4. Shareholder Equity

The founders of ECOmonkey are currently in consultation with potential equity partners. Their goal is to structure the shareholding of ECOmonkey to ensure that the company fully supports BBBEE.

5. Skills development

All employees of ECOmonkey are trained in the highly specialized domain of recycling. Without specific knowledge and skills, the materials cannot be sorted and identified correctly and contamination takes place, rendering the materials useless and fit only for landfill. The employees are also trained in:

Basic business practices for entrepreneurs and SMME owners
Basic literacy and numeracy if required
Occupational health and safety
Waste management principles

ECOmonkey takes black marketing and communications students from select technicians and universities into its learner ship program me, to specifically acquire the skills and understanding involved in Cause or Social Responsibility Marketing. This is a skill which is critically needed by NGOs, CBOs and Section 12 companies, since, without it they have great difficulty obtaining funding.  In this Endeavour ECOmonkey partners with its marketing agency, Red Pennant.

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